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Excellent Saree with excellent customer service

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2014 Deepavali Sales start at Gourri Fashions Ltd

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Question  1  :  How to become a member?
Question  2  :  What is a cash back reward program?
Question  3  :  If I buy membership why i Do not get cash back reward for introducing a friend?
Question  4  :  If I purchase membership for 10, what are my benefits?
Question  5  :  How to use my membership?
Question  6  :  When will my membership expire?
Question  7  :  How do i get the CASH BACK?
Question  8  :  How do i collect the points?
Question  9  :  Will I get my rewards points immediately after i make my purchase?
Question  10  :  How i can use the points?
Question  11  :  When will the points expire?
Question  12  :  How you will pay the CASH BACK REWARDS and the redeemed POINTS?
Question  13  :  How do i keep track of my points?
Question  14  :  What will happen if i lose my membership card/forgot my membership number?
Question  15  :  Can I use my discount vouhers with other promotions?
Question  16  :  How I change my personal details?
Question  17  :  Can I return or exchange the items?
Question  18  :  Is it FREE Shipping worldwide?


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